What’s your backup plan if the USPS falters?

Do you believe that mail will continue to be the best way to send transactional information to your customers, members, or constituents in the coming years?  Forget the fact the USPS is teetering on the edge of economic collapse as NBC.com has pointed out in a recent article titled “Postage prices rise, but USPS still teeters at the edge of ruin“.  Doesn’t it seem a little antiquated that we spend so much of our day answering emails and getting our information from the internet yet come home and have to go to the mail box to receive an important document, invoice, or check that was sent from somewhere 3-days ago?  Have you noticed the younger generation knows how to communicate more efficiently than any other generation in the history of the world.  But hasn’t that always been the case?  Each generation improves upon the last.  In the days of Andrew Carnegie he held a job as a messenger.  When a communication would reach the telegraph office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it was up to young Carnegie and his friends to run through the city and deliver the message to the who’s who of the city.  Carnegie made a name for himself because he continually delivered the messages faster than any other messenger.

It is no different today.  If you want to be better than your competition, utilize technology to deliver your information faster and more efficient than anyone else.  At GreenTrail Solutions we specialize in helping organizations communicate more effectively than ever before.  From the time the Pilgrims reached America until now we’ve gone  from smoke signals, to couriers, to US Mail, to telegraphs, to telephones, to faxes, to email.  Which communication method is your organization using for its most important correspondence?

A business consultant once told me, “If you are not growing, you are dying.”  We understand that snail mail is going to face a slow death as long as you have people who prefer that medium of communication.  So you could either wait until all of your customers want to receive their communications digitally or institute a multi-faceted solution from GreenTrail Solutions.  For those who are ready willing and able to receive their communications digitally by all means send it that way. You will save on printing and postage and your message will be delivered instantly.  This is a also considered a green initiative.  For those who want to be communicated with by mail you can send it that way too.  Our software will allow you to implement business rules when it comes to communicating with your customers and deliver your message in the medium that they desire.  We will also show you the many ways to encourage migration to the digital format which saves paper, printing, and postage allowing your organization to leave a green trail!  Contact us today to have a discussion on how we can help your organization save green and become green.

By: Emerick M Radic – President, GreenTrail Solutions, Inc.

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