“I LOVE that I can have the mail carrier scan my certified mail right in my office so I know each piece is in the postal system almost immediately after they’re scanned.  I can do this for the majority of our certified mail to avoid standing in line at the post office, which makes your system one of the top finds for a timesaver at work!  Thanks for such a fantastic product!” – Lisa M.  Seattle, WA


“GreenTrail Solutions allows us to successfully complete our work in less time with greater accuracy.”  - Karen W.


“Personally, I think it is wonderful.  It makes processing so much easier and makes less extra stuff in the files to be lost.  We have had minimal problems and Emerick has been wonderful working with me to resolve whatever has come up.”  - Tracy F.


“Green Trail Solutions makes processing simple, fast and cost effective. We can retrieve pertinent data with the click of a button. Fantastic Product!” – Vince S.


“An easy program set up always at your fingertips.” - Laurie M.


“In addition to providing products that increase efficiency and effectiveness, GreenTrail Solutions provides excellent customer service and technical support. Emerick and his team are always ready and willing to assist when needed and will go the extra mile to insure satisfaction.” – Erica A., North Carolina


“Emerick is a rock-solid leader and business development expert. His knowledge of business fundamentals is unsurpassed. He is able to assess any given situation and apply his experience and insight in crafting spot-on solutions. He does so in a warm and friendly manner, while maintaining a high level of character and integrity.” - Bret K.