Stop the Madness!

A favorite line from  Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is “Stop the madness!”.  Kevin (aka Mr. Wonderful), a billionaire businessman from Canada knows business and more importantly knows that bad processes can eat through your budgets and profits like the entire NY Giants team eating at  a chinese buffet.  In a recent conversation with a customer I asked them what they were doing with the digital pdf documents they were receiving from one of our core solutions and their answer was “After we receive the digital pdf documents we print them, then we scan them, then we add them to the file in SharePoint ®.   What?!?…Stop the madness!!!

The customer knows there has to be a better way but they didn’t know how to find a solution to what they know is a clear waste of time and resources.  That’s where GreenTrail Solutions comes in.  By consulting with our experts it’s easy to identify and implement a solution that fixes the problem and makes our client more efficient and professional.

Have a business process that you know is broken and need a solution?  Contact GreenTrail Solutions today for a free consultation.  You have nothing to lose except more time and money if you ignore it!

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