Visitor Management System (Schools)

Visitor Management System


GreenTrail Solutions VMS (Visitor Management System) is essential for schools when you need to track visitors entering and leaving your facilities.  Increase building security and reduce workload for front desk personnel.

  • Safety 
  • Security  
  • Convenience

Includes visitor badge printer that can be attached directly to the kiosk, or attach the printer to a front desk PC and provide security personnel an opportunity to review the printed badge.

Instantly scan the visitor driver license for increased security with the included bar code scanner.

Increase security, reduce labor costs, and sharpen your school’s image.

Visitor Badges: Instantly print customized visitor badges that include visitor name, photo, reason for visit, person being visited, date and time and other important information. Badges contain a bar code that can be scanned at the kiosk for instant sign-out. All information is stored for easy retrieval

Extra Security: Check any visitor against the Megan’s Law registry or your own Red Flag List.

Quick Access:  Frequent Visitor Keytags provide a fast, secure and convenient way for your visitors to sign in and out of your facility. Simply scan the bar code and the visitor is signed in or out. Issue these key tags to frequent visitors, students or employees and make future sign-in/sign-out much faster. Track time and attendance with our built-in timesheet feature.

Reporting: Store and view searchable reports on who visited your facilities.


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