Secure Email

Encrypting sensitive emails for regulated industries is not only a good idea but it could prevent your organization from commiting unintentional violations costing thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties.  We can also monitor your organization’s outgoing emails to make sure your employees are following your most current policy rules.

Policy-based Email Encryption

GreenTrail Solutions Secure Email safeguards sensitive email messages by automatically scanning all of your company’s email for compliance, and applying policy-based encryption.


Encrypting sensitive email is a legal requirement for regulated industries. But busy people may neglect to secure sensitive mail for any number of reasons making you vulnerable to non-compliance and its consequences. You need an encryption service that is smart enough to correct human error to protect you, your partners and your clients.


GreenTrail Solutions Secure Email is an intelligent monitoring solution that provides a security safety net. It scans all of your outbound email and attachments for sensitive content as defined by your policies. Messages that qualify for secure handling are identified and routed for encryption. SecureMail Gateway automatically checks that communications comply with your most current policy rules and relieves employees of the need to be up to date on multiple regulations and policies.

GreenTrail Solutions Secure Email’s filtering is more precise than other systems because it doesn’t rely solely on simple pattern matching for screening.  The Gateway scans and filters outbound mail for exact matches to customer account numbers or other data attributes specific to your organization. The Gateway can also notify senders when their messages have been sent securely which helps to educate employees and reinforce company policies.

  • Strong encryption
  • Easy to install, use and maintain. Be up and running in a day
  • Automated account provisioning
  • Ad hoc and automated reporting
  • Three types of outbound mail filtering
    • Custom data matching
    • Industry-specific lexicon rules
    • Regular Expression rules
  • Ability to scan over 300 different file attachment types for sensitive content such as PHI, Social Security, and Credit Card Numbers
  • 100% compatible with on-premise or cloud-based archiving systems
  • Leverages existing content filtering (DLP) systems
  • Improve Compliance – Minimize exposure to regulatory violations
  • Cost Containment – Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services
  • Increase Customer Loyalty  –  Build consumer trust and loyalty by demonstrating commitment to protecting their sensitive information 
  • Improve Service and Contain Costs –  Harness the convenience of email and the power of cloud computing
  • Minimized Business Risk – Protect your brand and reputation by preventing data leaks

You Can Send Sensitive Data through Automated Email

Does your business send automated communications that contain sensitive data? If you aren’t sending these via email because of compliance and privacy concerns, you’re probably spending too much money on postal, fax or courier services. There is a better way!

SecureMail Automation automatically encrypts high volume email communications. It keeps your workflows compliant with industry regulations so your reputation and customers’ privacy are protected. Your mailing/fax/overnight delivery costs will drop and you’ll have proof that your documents were delivered and opened.

Intuitive Secure Statement Delivery

Any email-enabled application, system or service can be configured to send secure messages through DataMotion. It requires no coding, APIs or professional services to setup and configure.

SecureMail Automation doesn’t require any special software, so it’s easy and intuitive for recipients. And messages sent via Automation are fully tracked and reported. It’s easy to see whether or not each recipient received and accessed the messages so you can take appropriate follow up actions.

Safely email:

  • Statement delivery
  • Transaction confirms
  • Order processing
  • Invoices
  • Patient data
  • Customized notices
  • Simplicity: Easy for recipients and IT administrators.
  • Cost Containment: Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services.
  • Compliance: Minimize exposure to regulatory violations, litigation and penalties.
  • Trustworthy communication: With robust encryption you can send sensitive information to your customers and partners with confidence.
  • Better Control: Messages are monitored, tracked and reported every step of the way.
  • Protect your Reputation: Reduce data breach risks.
Product Features
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Industry standard mail interface; no programming required for implementation
  • Built-in tracking of all messages and files sent, received, and opened
  • Easy to use – no need to manage encryption keys
  • Co-branded portal displays your look and feel
  • Automatic recipient account provisioning
  • Nothing to install for recipients

Secure Email for Business

DataMotion SecureMail is a simple yet powerful solution that secures sensitive email and file attachments from accidental exposure and data theft. At the same time, it ensures compliance, guards your reputation, builds customer trust, and reduces business process costs. And, the best part is that SecureMail is incredibly simple to set up and easy to use. In fact, most of our customers tell us that if they had known how easy it was, they would have done it sooner.

Simple send and receive.

SecureMail makes sending encrypted email as simple as clicking a button. Because SecureMail delivers directly to your recipient’s regular inbox, retrieving a secure email is just as easy. You can point the recipient to a URL to pick up their email, or send it as a PDF file right to their inbox.

Automatic or selective encryption

SecureMail’s policy-based encryption engine monitors outbound email for sensitive content and encrypts it automatically based on the rules that you set. Or, if you want more control over individual messages, SecureMail lets end users encrypt individual emails. Either way, SecureMail improves compliance, ensures rules are applied consistently, and allows you to adapt quickly to changes in policy and privacy laws.

Track your messages

SecureMail tracks and documents all of your secure email and file deliveries. You receive confirmation that your email was opened, along with a link to more detailed data that captures the exact date and time that files were received and accessed. You’ll know for sure that the information was delivered securely and when it was received and opened.

Easy and effective file exchange

Moving large files such as sensitive financial statements, healthcare claims, or legal documents is no longer the headache it used to be. SecureMail’s FileTransfer service lets co-workers, partners, and customers exchange files easily and securely using their own email client and web browser. SecureMail also tracks and monitors the movement of all file exchange activity to ensure compliance and support audit activities.

Cloud simplicity

With DataMotion’s hosted SecureMail service, you will be up and running almost immediately. Users need little or no training, and there won’t be any hardware or software for IT to manage or support. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Support for mobile devices

SecureMail works the way you do, which means that you can send secure email whether you are in the office or on the move. SecureMail is fully integrated within mobile devices’ existing email clients making it convenient and incredibly easy to use.

Product Features

SecureMail delivers enterprise-class security to businesses of all sizes

  • high-grade encryption
  • no encryption keys to manage
  • one-click secure and send
  • send directly to recipient’s inbox
  • track and confirm sent, received, and opened
  • transfer large files easily
  • easy to install, use and maintain

Send Secure Email Directly Within Salesforce

Sales VP’s and Salesforce administrators face growing pressure to protect private information in sensitive email messages yet need to do so without impacting sales performance. Due to stringent government regulations (HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, Ferpa, etc.), increases in data theft, and accidental leakage of private information, there has never been a greater need for organizations to secure sensitive email communications. One mistake can result in irreparable damage to a company’s reputation and large financial losses.

Yet until now, Salesforce users have had to leave the application to send information securely. DataMotion™ SecureMail for Salesforce can help. SecureMail enables any user of Enterprise Edition to send secure, trackable emails – including attachments – from inside the Salesforce application.

Mitigate Risk By Managing Your Communications

With no need to go to another application to send a secure email – or – use fax or overnight courier – your sales team saves precious time. It’s as simple as clicking on the ‘Send Secure’ button that will appear on your Contacts and Leads tabs. When the user clicks on the Send Secure button, a DataMotion account is created automatically. From that point, the user can send, track, and receive encrypted emails and attachments with no need for key exchanges or other complex procedures – all within Salesforce. All messages sent secure are automatically recorded in the action history. It’s inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to use, yet protects confidential information and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.

Built atop the DataMotion platform, SecureMail offers global-class security, scalability and flexibility. Now, businesses of all sizes using Salesforce, can affordably benefit from the same high-end encryption used by large government, financial and healthcare organizations.


Secure Email for | DataMotion
  • Private, trusted, secure communication with your prospects, customers and partners - With robust encryption and easily-tracked delivery paths, you can send sensitive information with confidence
  • Compliance - Exchange information with full confidence that files remain secure and compliant during transit and in storage
  • Immediate cost containment - Cut the cost of faxes, printing, postage and courier services
  • Fast deployment – DataMotion SecureMail for Salesforce leverages existing IT infrastructure by integrating seamlessly with your existing Salesforce system. Installation and training time are minimal so you can focus on more important business priorities
  • Reduced Risk - Minimizes exposure to regulatory violations, litigation and penalties
  • Better Control - Messages are monitored, tracked and reported on every step of the way. This enhanced visibility helps you improve business processes and make better business decisions
  • Saves Time – Busy sales teams don’t need to go to another program to send secure email
  • Automatic account provisioning
  • Intuitive “Send Secure” button on existing Salesforce contact and lead tabs
  • Easy to implement service that encrypts selected email messages – no keys necessary
  • Easily attach documents and templates up to 2GB
  • Built-in tracking and auditing for messages sent, received and opened
  • Messages sent are automatically recorded in the Salesforce activity history so there is no lost correspondence
  • Nothing to install for recipients
  • Works with Enterprise Edition
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • Up and running within a day
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
Technical Specifications
  • Industry standard encryption: AES, 3DES, SSL, TLS
  • SSAE 16, SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • 10 MB default message size (expandable to 2 GB)
  • 250 MB default mailbox size (expandable to 10 GB)
  • 30 Day default message expiration (upgradable)
  • Standard web browsers supported
  • SOAP/XML, SMTP/S, POP3/S, HTTPS standards supported