Web forms created in your organization’s look and feel to provide your customers and partners with a seamless user experience.  The data is then routed to you for automatic integration into your back end systems.


Automate Workflow with Secure eForms Solutions


Automate and secure workflows, expand reach and cut costs with GreenTrail Solutions secure eForms.

It’s more important than ever to make it easy for your customers to do business with you, and to be responsive to their needs. However, manual processes that use printers, faxes and couriers are error-prone, time-consuming and don’t tie in to back end systems. And web application portals can be very expensive to build and maintain.

GreenTrail Solutions secure  eForms provides a powerful tool for your customers and partners to securely submit information for automatic integration into your back end systems. Deliver eForms securely and directly to a customer’s email inbox, bypassing portal logins and expanding the reach of your business. With secure eForms, businesses can now web-enable offline workflows in ways that were never thought possible such as Loan Applications Processing, Benefits Enrollment, Health Insurance Claims, or Medical History Forms.


GreenTrail Solutions eForms are created with your organization’s look and feel to ensure a seamless user experience. You choose between two types of eForms:

  • Direct eForms are secure PDF forms that are emailed to your customers. Customers receive, fill out and submit forms securely right from their inbox.
  • Web eForms are hosted secure HTML forms that can be integrated with your web site.
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  • Transport and storage of data submitted is encrypted and secure
  • Up and running in less than ½ a day
  • Matches your company’s look and feel, including branding, logos and disclaimers
  • eForm fields are specific to your business process needs
  • DataBridge delivers form data as an XML or CSV feed to your back end systems
  • Receive notifications when a secure form is submitted
  • Secure form Tracking and TotalView reports provide detailed tracking of all form submissions
  • Expanded Reach - Web-enable your existing workflows (loan applications processing, customer service, benefits claims, or medical history forms) and shorten the time between customer contact and resolution.
  • Cost Savings - Eliminate costly paper, phone, fax and courier based processes.
  • Enhanced Process Efficiency and Accuracy - Securely deliver forms directly to customer inboxes, get notified when forms are submitted and track all submissions to their destinaton. Never lose an application or inquiry.
  • Rapid ROI - By leveraging the tools you and your customers already have, you can rapidly automate your processes without the need for costly infrastructure investments and associated maintenance costs.
How It Works
Additional Technical Data:
  • Industry Standard encryption: AES, 3DES, SSL, TLS
  • Deploys HTML and PDF forms and captures responses as XML
  • Standard Web Browsers Supported
  • SOAP/XML, HTTPS Standards supported
  • SSAE 16, SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center