Document Workflow Software

The document management software can be made even more productive by the addition of a document management workflow and approval system to elliminate the paper processes.  Workers save time and money by electronically moving documents around the workplace for review and approval.

Document Workflow Template and Ad-Hoc Workflow Support

The document management software provides the ability to quickly create pre-defined workflow templates consisting of document review and / or approval activities. Each activity can be pre-configured defining task descriptions, due dates, pre-defined reviewers that have to complete specific workflow tasks (approvers or reviewers), and workflow observers. In cases where workflow templates cannot be easily pre-defined, initiators can be given the ability to create ad-hoc workflows or to adjust pre-defined workflows as required.

Document Workflow Software Review and Feedback

The document management workflow review activity provides for the organized review and collection of feedback on a document from one or many reviewers. When completing their tasks, reviewers add comments for their review and have the option of attaching other documents as feedback. Reviewer feedback works hand in hand with the document version control system as feedback is associated with an individual document version that is going through the specific workflow.

Document Workflow Software Approval and Sign-off

The document management approval workflow activity allows documents to be routed to one or more reviewers for approval and sign off. Approvers are able to quickly approve or reject the document providing comments and feedback documents where required. Reviewers must sign on their decision to approve or reject a document by entering in their system password. A record of each approval or sign-off is kept for each document version that has gone through a document approval process. This is maintained within the software’s log as a record of who has approved or rejected the document.

Document Workflow Software Task List and Task Notifications

Reviewers are provided with a personalized list of all their document review and approval tasks. Reviewers can easily view their tasks, a description of the work to be done, who assigned the task and when it needs to be completed. Reviewers can elect to be notified by email of new tasks assigned or delegated to them, when a workflow is completed and more.

Review or Approve Documents from Anywhere

Reviewers are able to manage their workflow task list and approve or review documents from any user interface including their favorite Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or Visio), or a standard web browser or the Desktop Application.

Hide Document Workflow Documents until Approved

Individual document versions can be automatically hidden from the view of other folder members that are not participating in the document workflow. Once the document has been ‘approved’ by the appropriate document workflow participants the file becomes visible. This eliminates the need for moving the file to a different folder with different access permissions. This provides security for organizations who wish to have a controlled document management workflow system.

Workflow Software Task Delegation

Provides the ability within the document management workflow software for users to delegate workflow tasks and approval signing authority to other users. Task delegation can occur on the individual task level or for all tasks over a given time period in the event that users are unavailable for work or are on holiday.

Document Management Software Workflow Observers

Specified participants can act as observers of a workflow in progress without the need for their direct participation in workflow tasks. Observers can track the progress of workflow documents as well as view any comments and feedback provided through their personalized status report. This provides useful support for internal auditors, quality control or for management oversight of key procedures, business processes and workflows.

Document Workflow Software Status Reports

The document management workflow status report provides an overview of activity and task status for all workflows where the worker is a participant or observer. Library administrators are provided with a global status report for all workflows in the document management software and have the ability to create custom reports by filtering the status report by initiator, status, start date, due dates, document and more.

Search for Approved Workflow Documents

This paperless office features allows users to refine their searches to include documents that are approved, pending approval, rejected or yet to be submitted for approval. In addition searching can be restricted to the date the document was approved.

Document Workflow Activity / Task Override

Allows designated library administrators to remove tasks or activities from running workflows without affecting the rest of the workflow in progress. This feature is essential in the document management software for library administrators that need to quickly remove obstacles to workflow completion.

Document Workflow Software Record Logs

A permanent record of all Document workflow activities is maintained for each version of each document that has been involved in a workflow.