Document Management Software

Document Workflow Software

Document workflow softwareimproves operations, reduces process time and increases cash flow by automating business processes such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Workflow is applied to documents needing to pass through reviewers and approvers before they are ready for general distribution. Document workflow software provides instant reports on the status of documents in the review process.

The electronic document management software provides the ability to quickly create pre-defined workflow templates consisting of document review and / or approval activities. Each activity can be pre-configured defining task descriptions, due dates, pre-defined reviewers that have to complete specific workflow tasks (approvers or reviewers), and workflow observers. When workflow is combined with electronic forms  (e-forms) paper can be totally eliminated from data collection processes.

Records Management Software

Organizations have both active working documents and long term records that are kept for research or compliance. The records management software manages both electronic documents and electronic records including rules and reports for archiving and disposition dates.

Disposition reports can be generated as required and are based on the document type, associated metadata, document age and archive policies. Documents are automatically designated as either active or inactive. Inactive documents may be automatically archived by the system. Documents can be automatically deleted by the system based on easy to configure disposition rules.

Records may only be deleted from the library in accordance with their retention/disposition schedules or by a designated corporate records manager.

Document Scanning Software

The move to adopt document management software is not just a justified green initiative to save trees and be environmentally responsible. The document management software ships with scanning software to support over 300 different scanner or MFC types. Document scanning is also a way for organizations to become more efficient and to save money. It is estimated that the cost of processing paper: (copying, printing, postage, disposal, recycling and storing) can be as much as 31 times the purchase cost.

Document scanning softwaregives customers the ability to turns cabinets of paper into a secure, version controlled, and compliant document management system. The supplied document scanning software supports over 300 different scanners and is included with every order. Typed documents can be OCR’d and indexed to provide full text search. A big business scanning solution is provided at a small business price.