Software Solutions

GreenTrail Solutions offers the following products:

eCertified-  If you are sending out certified mail we can help you save $1.35 per piece as well eliminate the need to hand write certified mail forms and manual storing the green cards.  Track all of your Certified Mail quickly and efficiently in one centralized location. Import an address list and print your Certified Mail forms in minutes instead of hours. Our certified solution will improve your process and save you money.

Document Management Software - Document Management Software can convert intellectual property into a secure organized electronic library. The software reduces time taken searching for information, decreases paper storage costs, while increasing worker collaboration and workflow efficiency across the entire organization.

Document Workflow Software - Document workflow software improves operations, reduces process time and increases cash flow by automating business processes such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Workflow is applied to documents needing to pass through reviewers and approvers before they are ready for general distribution.

Document Output Creation Software (DOCS) – Do you want to make your documents standout and take advantage of whitespace for messaging or advertising?  We will help you create transactional documents that have more meaning and are more informative to your end recipient.  We will also manage sending your documents electronically to those who want to receive them that way and print the others for those who want a hard copy.  We can also add optical marks for your inserter, 2d barcodes for a closed end solution or IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) to your documents.

Secure eMailEncrypting sensitive emails for regulated industries is not only a good idea but it could prevent your organization from commiting unintentional violations costing thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties.  We can also monitor your organization’s outgoing emails to make sure your employees are following your most current policy rules.

Secure ContactEven if your company has secure email you will want to make sure that communications from customers or patients is also encrypted.  Most “Contact Us” links are communicated in plain text.  Our solutions close the security threat and encrypt those communications.

Secure File TransferIf you need to exchange file transfers you will want to do it securely and avoid the inherent insecure process of FTP transfers.  Our solution will provide the governance to track and monitor all file exchange activity providing another regulatory compliance product for your organization.

eFormsWeb forms created in your organization’s look and feel to provide your customers and partners with a seamless user experience.  The data is then routed to you for automatic integration into your back end systems.

Contact Data Quality Solutions – Too much money and time is being wasted by corrupt databases of addresses that lead to wasted print, postage, shipping, and customer service expenses.  Let our staff analyze how you are collecting and maintaining your database and lists of addresses and recommend a solution which helps you input, cleanse and optimize your addresses.  Eliminate your corrupt address database today!

Package Tracking – Need help tracking received packages internally and notifying recipients of that they have arrived?  Our software allows you to receive, notify, and collect signatures on all your important packages.  Great for Colleges and companies alike.  We carry the products that help you continue the chain of custody from the mailroom or receiving department to the end recipient.

Visitor Management SystemOur Visitor Management System offers a full line of visitor management and front office automation products, including self-service kiosks as well as software-only solutions for customers of any size or industry.  The end result is a safer and more efficient work or school environment.