Electronic Certified Mail (eCertified)

GreenTrail Solutions’ eCertified Mail Solution is one of the best process improvement solutions we have available for your organization! Our eCertified solution allows you to create, process, print, track, and receive proof of delivery right from your desktop.  Save $1.25 in postage on each piece and download signatures automatically from the USPS (R).

Our eCertified Mail Solutions will save your organization time and money!
  • Immediately start posting your certified mail $1.25 less per piece for instant savings
  • Collect return signatures digitally and automatically from the USPS
  • Track delivery and attempted delivery of you mail piece
  • Create eCertified mail labels for your envelope automatically
  • Import addresses from your address book
  • Import an entire list of recipients for easy batch processing
  • Certified information is stored in a a searchable database
  • Add custom fields to search such as docket numbers, customer numbers, etc.
  • Restricted Delivery Option


Utilizing our eCertified product takes the guesswork out of the whereabouts of your certified mail piece.  Our system will keep you informed as to where you mail piece is as it works its way through the USPS delivery process.  We will also provide you with a link to view the entire chain of custody as it moves through the USPS.

Entering your recipient data:

You can either type the recipient information into our system or do a batch import.  Either way, no more handwriting green cards!  A simple Excel file is used for importing multiple addresses at one time making the process even simpler and faster for customers who have large mailings.

Post your eCertified mail $1.25 less!

When using electronic signature return the USPS allows you to post each eCertified piece $1.25 less.

Receive your signatures electronically

Get a pdf of the signature from the USPS automatically.  They will be uploaded automatically making the return signatures easy to retrieve, print, and store.  No more having to scan in green cards and sending them through your internal delivery system to get them to the right person.  You can also view the signatures on your digital device for mobil recall.