School Districts Face More Cuts And Must Find Ways To Eliminate Waste

As if it weren’t bad enough school districts are facing more cuts at a time when budgets are already stretched thin.  As an article in the NY Times states the fiscal cliff could have devastating effects on our schools “If the government is unable to come to a resolution, federal education programs for elementary and high schools would lose a little over $2 billion — or close to 8 percent of the current budget — starting next fall, according to the Office of Management and Budget and the Education Department.”.  The article goes on to describe that the neediest kids will suffer the most from the budget crisis around the nation “While declines in state and local funding affect most public schools, cuts in federal funding would jeopardize services at schools that serve the neediest children.”.

Let GreenTrail Solutions, Inc. help your school district eliminate waste and save money.  There is no need to try to go it alone, let our expert analysis show you how we can help your district and together help our communities and our children.

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