Reducing County Government Waste in Print and Mail

Ever since the economy took a turn in 2008 county governments have been looking for ways to reduce waste to alleviate their budget shortfalls as much as possible.  Some areas of waste are obvious such as energy and transportation but others are less obvious and are hidden without expert consultation.

One area that GreenTrail Solutions through their consulting program can easily find waste and make recommendations on reducing waste is in the printing and mailing of documents.  GreenTrail Solutions’ expert Emerick Radic’s years of experience in the mailing industry make it easy for him to visit your mailroom and through observation and discovery; identify simple fixes that can save thousands of dollars which unless you have spent a decade in the print mail industry you would never uncover.  Many of the recommendations coming from this approach cost little or no money to implement but the savings can be substantial.

GreenTrail Solutions follows the problems or waste from the mailroom up the chain to see where the documents are created to give you a 360-degree analysis of why it’s costing the county more than it should to communicate your information to others.  Because we pinpoint a specific area of waste within our experience and expertise your improvement recommendation will be solid, concise and real.

The best way to see what you are missing is to make an initial appointment and see if it makes sense for your county to engage GreenTrail Solutions in the effort to reduce your hidden waste.  Feel free to contact Emerick Radic directly at  You have nothing to lose except more money.

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