Boost Business Cash Flow with Automated Invoicing - Reduce DSO's!

Boost Business Cash Flow with Automated Invoicing - Reduce DSO's!

Hassle or not, invoicing is a must to keep your business afloat and thriving. It should be done accurately and efficiently, but more importantly, it should be done more frequently than many businesses are in the practice of doing it.

Are you one of them? Could you boost your cash flow with one simple change in the way you invoice?  

We get it, we know that invoicing manually is a burden, and that’s why you’re only doing it once a month, right? But what if we told you there’s a solution to ease the hassles of invoicing? What if we told you that it could be done more often, more accurately, and more efficiently … freeing up valuable time, ensuring no mistakes that could sour the relationships with your customers, appealing to each customer’s mailing preference (direct or digital), and even improving your cashflow?

Would you be interested? Of course, you would! Who wouldn’t want to save time and stress, satisfy customers, and increase cash flow? …

If you’re like many small businesses, you probably only invoice once a month, manually, and via snail mail. And while this certainly gets the job done, there’s a better way to handle your invoicing.

Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Current Invoicing Procedures

 1. Get Paid Quicker

Why wait for the same time each month to do your invoicing? Think of it like this: the quicker you can get your invoices sent out, the quicker you can get paid.

2. Prevent Costly Errors

We don’t have to tell you that invoicing errors can prove costly. Not only will it slow you down and cost you time in fixing the error, but it could also potentially sour the relationship with your customer, ultimately costing you their business.

3. Appeal to Customers

Customers enjoy choosing how they receive communications from you. While many people are still going the physical mail route, times are changing. Many customers are choosing digital invoices so they can quickly and easily upload them to their accounting system and process payment electronically, which is a win for you, since it means funds coming in faster.

5 Easy Steps to Send Invoices in Minutes

Why waste your time preparing and printing your invoices, then physically taking them to the local Post Office to be snail mailed? And instead of sending individual emails with invoices, why not simply your life by uploading everything to a web-based portal? It’s as easy as creating your documents as you normally would, then you simple:

  1. Upload your invoices to the online document delivery solution
  2. Choose your customer’s preferred delivery method (direct mail or email)
  3. Take care of other business needs while the production facility handles everything for you – from preparing the invoices to printing and prepping the ones to be sent out via postal mail
  4. Quickly and easily track the progress via the easy-to-use online interface
  5. Reallocate the time you would otherwise have spent preparing the invoices yourself.

Save Time – Get Paid Quicker – Satisfy Customers

It doesn’t matter how many invoices you send out, or whether you get them out all at once or just a handful at a time, you can take advantage of an easier, more efficient and accurate way of handling your invoicing. Getting invoices out as they’re ready can boost cash flow by generating payments to your business sooner. Plus, you can satisfy your customer preferences by letting them choose how to receive their invoices – and as a business owner, you know it’s all about keeping your customers happy.

If you’re interested in an easier, more efficient way of invoicing, contact us today!