Print+ Messenger

Print+ Messenger

Reduce costs, increase response

Technology is constantly changing, and with these changes there are frequent,
small advances that can make incremental differences to how something is accomplished. Then there are game changing ideas that can completely revolutionise a process. The new Pitney Bowes Print+ MessengerTM Colour Inkjet System is a simple idea that can transform the way you prepare your production mail.
With Print+ Messenger you can print high quality, variable, full colour text and images on envelopes inline, at production speeds, within your mail inserter. It is a perfect fit for your existing operations, taking cost out by eliminating prebranded envelopes, giving you the ability to combine and presort mixed jobs prior to printing, and streamlining-
or completely eliminating-job changeover. You can also add value to each mailpiece by printing promotional messages on each envelope that match your contents on
the inside.

Lower costs

Improve operational efficiency by eliminating preprinted envelopes, reducing envelope storage needs, streamlining application changeover, and commingling mail. An integral part of a White Paper FactoryTM solution, Print+ Messenger eliminates the need to use anything other than plain white envelopes for customer communications.

A whole new media

Print+ Messenger turns the everyday business envelope into a whole new media—a media that may have the highest readership of any in advertising, because no one discards the mail without first looking at the envelope. Print graphics directly on your envelope, inline with your inserter, using variable, targeted messages. Utilise both the inside and outside of your mail to drive revenue opportunities.

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Complete versatility

alprazolam for sale online Print onto a wide range of media including envelopes, postcards, and leaflets.

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Print+ Messenger superior design

get alprazolam online At GreenTrail Solutions we understand the needs of high volume production mailers, and we designed our Print+ Messenger Colour Inkjet System with those needs in mind. We leverage our complete knowledge of each mailpiece to dynamically adjust the distance between the print heads and each envelope, for high quality, vibrant images. Our custom formulated, fast drying ink does not require a dryer, and the system’s self- servicing features mean that minimal printer expertise is required within the inserter workcell. Additionally, the solution can quickly create reprints with minimal impact to your existing workflow. For more information, click here