“Fixed Head” inkjet printing technology

The three print heads enable the destination address and barcode to be printed in one pass. Customised messages can also be printed to the right or left of the address. Resolutions of 150, 200, 300 & 600 dpi horizontal and 300dpi or 600 dpi vertical, allow printing of draft light, draft, letter light, letter, executive light and executive qualities. The printer has 12 internal, scaleable fonts plus it will print unlimited TrueType fonts with no effect on production speed. The DA80F offers black and spot colour printing.

Fast, efficient, high productivity

Address postcards at speeds of up to 22,000 per hour (6 lines of text). Handles a variety of sizes by automatically feeding materials from 76 x 127mm up to 330 x 390mm and up to 6mm thick.
The optional Conveyor/Stacker increases productivity even further.

Easy to use

An advanced feeder design and sensitive thickness settings make it simple to adjust for materials of various sizes. The print heads are mounted on an innovative “swivel head” subsystem, making access to the print heads quick and easy.

Complete versatility

Print onto a wide range of media including envelopes, postcards, and leaflets.

Save money by maximizing postal discounts

By using our optional AddressManagement software, you can earn postal discounts that will reduce your postage costs significantly on volume mailings.
This also offers the options of de-duplication and address validation for your databases, again offering significant savings by not mailing to duplicated or non-existent addresses.


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