Green Equipment Green Equipment

buy xanax cod delivery Take previously leased equipment, remanufacture it through a factory certification process, and make units available to customers looking for a sustainable alternative and equipment savings


  1. The same warranty as new equipment with a service level agreement can cover the equipment for 3 years or the entire lease
  2. Maintenance agreements and service standards = same levels as new equipment
  3. All Factory Certified Equipment is buy alprazolam online uk 30% off or more!

5 step certification process

  1. Selection
    • Only the best units
    • Carefully inspected inside and out
  2. Determine parts and processors needed
    • Receive parts replacement and revitalization plan specific to model
  3. Disassemble
    • Working parts used for updating
    • Inactive parts are recycled
  4. Reassemble
  5. Factory Certified Products Standards inspection