It Takes a Patriot…(To save money within the government!)

In all of our dealings with the government we have noticed a few things about our state, local, and federal governments. There are some really good government employees who care about budgets and process improvement.  They take their civic responsibility seriously and we really enjoy working with these folks!

At GreenTrail Solutions we sell different types of process improvement software and we have saved governments a ton of money. But it does take a patriot within the government organization who cares about saving money and making their departments more efficient to champion the change..

In reality, the private sector is more receptive to change because businesses know the more efficient you are the more profitable you will become. And what’s trending in the private sector is that management receives bonuses based on increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and leading to profit improvement. This bonus structure has private sector management hungry for savings and when you show them a product with hard and soft dollar savings they are quick to implement it because every day it’s not implemented is money lost.

The public sector (government) does not have a P&L bonus structure, so what motivates them to put in the work to make the best changes for their organization? The same thing that has always driven certain people in our country, the desire to do the right thing for their constituents. True patriots within the government dislike waste as much as the taxpayers.  They work very hard to educate themselves on the best practices available and even drive to push change within their departments.

At GreenTrail Solutions we’ve been lucky to meet some great people working in government on your behalf. Imagine how cost effective and efficient our governments would run if everyone served their constituents like a patriot would serve them.  The good news is, we are seeing more and more of them every day!

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