Electronic Medical Records Here to Stay

More and more patients are noticing that their doctor’s offices are using technology to keep track of their medical records.  In all honesty the medical industry is behind the curve when it comes to using technology to become more efficient.  While other industries such as education and insurance have been investing in technological solutions to help them become more organized, efficient and eliminate waste, the medical industry has been slow to adopt this philosophy.  It may be that peole are afraid of inadvertently commiting a HIPAA violation but it generally has more to do with “that’s the way we always did it” and the reluctance to change.  The truth is change is coming and it will be swift and it will be good for the patients and the industry itself.  A recent New York Times article does a great job of outlining both the positives and negatives of the change but as it Dr Milliner states “even though there a lot of challenges, the benefits of information technology are “enormous” — improved safety and quality of care, convenience for patients and better outcomes in general”. When it’s time for you to bring your medical facility up to date, please consider using GreenTrail Solutions!


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