eBilling – Customers want Choices

When it comes to how your customers want to be billed you should give them choices so says an article in Document Media Magazine titled  The Insanity of eBilling Today: Why Your Customers Don’t Seem to Care by Rich Rosen.  Mr. Rosen makes a great point when it comes to growing your eBilling base.  Instead of making the customer “fetch” their bill by having to go back to your site to log on (which let’s admit it, is very cumbersome) add software that allows you to push the e-bill right into their inbox.  You can do this through a secure, encrypted email solution that allows them to open their invoice and pay with just the click of a link.  Give your customers what they want, an easy way to view and pay their bills and you will get what you want, an easy and cost effective method of invoicing your customers.   Click here to contact us for more details.

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