County Budget Cuts

When Lane County, Oregon was faced with budget cuts they had to make decisions that put their citizens at risk.  According to KMTR News the county is laying off 188 full time workers with the Sheriffs Department taking the biggest hit.  Not only are they losing staff but they have to cut down the number of beds available in the county jail.  What does that mean to the citizens?  Sheriff Thomas Turner says such a drastic reduction in jail beds could result in a rise in crime, and failure to appear rates when the jail is unable to hold inmates until their court date.

Before your county has to make theses drastic cuts wouldn’t it make sense to cut the waste first?  Unfortunately it is difficult for local officials to know how much technology can help them cut waste and save money.  We recommend you call GreenTrail Solutions.  Experts in process improvement and cost reduction, they will analyze your county’s current processes and make recommendations that will save you money which can shore up budget shortfalls before you have to risk the safety of your constituents.

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