Process Improvement Analysis

Does your organization have manual processes that seem inefficient?  GreenTrail Solutions, Inc. will evaluate your manual processes and show you different ways to add automation to increase your productivity making you and your organization more efficient.

Mailroom Improvement Analysis

We see it all the time, organizations wasting money on the wrong equipment or sending items at higher rates than necessary.  GreenTrail Solutions, Inc. will analyze your current equipment and evaluate how and what you are sending through your mailroom and give you spot on recommendations to improve your process and decrease costs.

Shipping Process & Cost Analysis

How do you go about deciding which carrier is right for each package you are sending?  If you only use one carrier, even with negotiated rates, you are spending too much money.  Let us come in and evaluate your shipping process and give you ideas and recommendations to make you a more efficient shipper with the lowest costs methods.

Digital & Print Communications

Looking to send more information digitally without alienating your customers who still want to receive their information in a printed format?  We can help you design a solution which allows you to communicate with your customers in the format they prefer while increasing your efficiencies by having a dynamic delivery solution.