Bad Disaster Recovery Practices Lead to Unintended Consequences!

Recently an article in the Baltimore Sun claimed an attorney for a law firm in Baltimore lost a hard drive containing  a complete back-up copy of the firm’s data, including medical records related to the stent malpractice claims, along with patient names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers and insurance information.  The reason the hard drive was removed from the office according to the article was “It was taken home nightly as a security precaution in case of fire or flood, a firm spokesman said”.  To make matters worse, the information on the hard drive wasn’t even encrypted!  The initial intent of the law firm was admirable but the execution was very poor.  A simple mistake has put the reputation of this great law firm in jeopardy.  When faced with planning  disaster recovery solutions for a law firm it is recommended you consult someone who provides encrypted file holding solutions such as GreenTrail Solutions. Protect your data, your clients, and your reputation!

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