Cleansing Addresses Saves Money

A recent article on for entrepreneurs does a great job of highlighting the cost of bad addresses in your database.  Any time you are sending mail to a bad address you lose in multiple ways.  First is the obvious, the cost to print and mail the material is lost as well as the cost to have the mail returned.  All add up to huge hard dollar cost especially when your volume of returned mail increases.  Then there are the soft dollar costs that really make having a corrupt database of addresses costly.  If you are sending a marketing piece, there is the lost opportunity which depending on the average ticket price could be thousands of dollars.  Couple that with the customer service time wasted trying to track down the intended recipient or worse yet, your organization not doing anything to correct it an you are never able to communicate with your prospect.

GreenTrail Solutions through our software solutions can cleanse your addresses as you are putting them into the system as well as doing periodical cleansing to update those prospects who have moved.  With our system, you will always have updated information reducing your costs and more importantly making sure you are able to effectively communicate with your customers.  To learn more give us a call at 888-419-5743 or email us at

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