5 Reasons to buy your mailing equipment from an Independent Dealer

5 Reasons to buy your mailing equipment from an Independent Dealer
It’s all about the customer experience!

As sending gets more a more complex and complicated your organization can really benefit from having a knowledgeable partner with not only industry experience but who has helped other organizations like yours perfect best practices.  

  1. Consultative Approach  Instead of just taking an order for a machine, your partner will ask all the pertinent questions to fully understand your needs.  Once we understand your process and your objectives we can make recommendations to help you accomplish your current and future goals.
  2. More Options – While a manufacturers representative usually only offers one brand of products, a dealer has access to many.  Because a manufacturers sales representative only offers their manufacturer’s product they are often forced to put a square peg in a round hole or abandon the sale when their product isn’t the best solution.  As an independent dealer, we have access to many manufacturers and can match the right product to your needs.  The overall result is that you end up with the best equipment possible for your particular job.
  3. Locally Minded – Your independent dealer is going to be local just like you.  That means you can have a long lasting partnership directly with the people who will be servicing your account.  The independent dealer is also a small business owner who is usually involved in the community they service and your support of the local business also benefits the community.
  4. Better Pricing – Believe it or not, your independent dealer most of the time has better pricing than the manufacturers representative.  This is due to the margins the manufacturer gives the independent dealer as well as the incentives given to the dealer.  The manufacturers want the dealers to be successful and happy and will have quarterly promotions that their own sales representatives may not have access to.
  5. Better Customer Service  The main reason for dealing with an independent dealer is better customer service.  Like I said before, the independent dealer is a small business and the owner of that business is fully involved in the day-to-day operations.  We have a vested interest in the success of each of our customers and you will mean a lot more to the dealer than to the giant manufacturer.  For example, everyone of my customers have my direct mobile number.  I am available 24/7.  Why, they are my partners and without them, I have nothing.

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